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Wizards Gather, Elevate Chitter, Disperse

An unusual convergence of wizards in the Rose Garden the evening of the 23rd of February drew comment, first from Ping, ‘toon mouse.  In the garden simultaneously were Ping, toon rabbit Skyler, Arctic coati Austin, and freshly re-wallaby Morticon.  Morticon pronounced therefore that “we convene here tonight, to name a new wizard.”

Nominations swiftly began.  Gilead, otter, claimed he would make a great wizard, as he is “subtle, and quick to anger, or at least the latter”.  Zenkuro, vixen, claimed she would make a terrible wizard.  BunnyHugger, devilbunny, mentioned her experience as a wizard on a tiny muck.

Morticon then announced it should be Chitter, squirrel.  He pointed out “we could use a rodent,” prompting Dragoncat, shiny dragon, to point out we already had a rodent wizard, and Austin to point out nothing that’s thought of as a rodent is actually a rodent.

Before Chitter could finish protesting Azure, fox, had taken out a gnarled wooden staff and a hat decorated with astrological symbols on it for the squirrel.  Valleyminks, multi-armed mink, added the inscription “BORN TO RUNE” to the hat.

Chitter has yet to display wizard-like abilities, such as creating new people out of clay or making wide sections of the world vanish, but he has taken the time to stare unblinkingly and disbelievingly at the camera.

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