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Morticon, After Naming Chitter Wizard, Engages in Gelatin Fight

Following the 23 February proclamation of Chitter, squirrel, as wizard, a battle between good and evil broke out in the Rose Garden fountain.  The battle started with wolf-dragon kitsune JasonRDT throwing wallaby Morticon into the fountain, then jumping in after the SED leader.

Zenkuro, vixen, took the chance to pour a packet of instant gelatin into the water.  JasonRDT and Morticon were swiftly captured in the fast-forming gelatin.  As Morticon attempted to nibble gelatin off JasonRDT’s head, fox Azure proclaimed this called for the “well-known Citrus-Perversion Correspondence.”

While Zenkuro coated the surface with whipped cream and chocolate, and Morticon protested he was simply having a snack, and JasonRDT protested he was not a snack, Azure ventured in with a nitrous oxide container he aimed at the trapped pair.  However, with the whipped cream laid down Azure said he was “beaten to the punch” and set it down.  Zenkuro added a bucket of almonds and got a spoon.

She then donned her swimsuit and dove into the fountain sundae; the three began throwing the dessert at one another and at Azure.  Valleyminks, mink, was hit by some, and JasonRDT aimed a pawful at Chitter.  Azure was swiftly brought into the fountain and brought straws which were meant as breathing tubes but also served Morticon as gelatinous gun barrels.  After a good deal of confusion and spitting, as well as the offer of milk, Morticon told JasonRDT they should withdraw.

They left, Morticon telling the Rose Garden audience, “We won.  Remember that.”

JasonRDT, by reports, made use of BunnyHugger’s bathtub to clean up.

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