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Vice Mayor Morticon Impeached

Vice Mayor Morticon was impeached in a trial held Wednesday evening at City Hall.  A jury voted 3-1 to remove the wallaby from office after hearing arguments and testimony regarding the kidnapping and imprisonment of Mayor Jukka over the Shiny Day weekend.

Samnang presided over the trial, assisted by the bailiff, Kandra.  Elandra represented Morticon in the trial, arguing that the kidnapping was merely fulfilling Jukka’s own campaign promise to create entertaining scandals.  Azure took the role of the prosecutor, making the case that Jukka in no way authorized or approved of being kidnapped and held captive.

After listening to arguments on both sides for over an hour, the jury (consisting of Alan, BunnyHugger, Featherwing, and Terrence) retired to the Mayor’s Office for a short deliberation.  When they returned, they reported that they had found against Morticon, three to one.

Upon hearing the verdict, Morticon angrily threw the symbol of his office, the Vice Mayor’s Propeller Beanie, to the ground, shouting, “You haven’t heard the last of me!  Mark my words!  You will regret the day I was impeached!”  He then laughed maniacally before running away.

Kefan, the current Election Commissioner, took the Propeller Beanie for safekeeping.  He has not yet made a statement regarding who should assume the Vice Mayor’s position now that it has been vacated.

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