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Top-Secret Wizardly Summit Called Off Shortly Before Start

A top-secret Chicago summit meeting scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving between head wizard Austin and yellow wizard Skyler was canceled mere hours before either journeyed to the near-mythical town. No word of the agenda has been passed but well-placed rumor suggests it would have been three or even four days of them meeting, possibly under the supervision of the FurToonian civil government. What purpose the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor would have in supervising a wizardly conference is unclear.

Austin declined to comment on the purpose or meaning of the summit, or what would happen in the wake of the cancelation. Presumably if there were some need for them to gather the need would still exist, but how this might affect the future of SpinDizzy he won’t say.

Skyler claims to know nothing about these top-secret meetings, and to have no knowledge of whatever the agenda might have been. He also seemed a little vague on the notion of “Chicago,” although that might have had something to do with his recent obsession regarding his knees.

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