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Death, Friends and Everything

I cried when Findra died, and I don’t cry easily.

We never got around to talking much, except she always had a smile and a good word for me. In fact, I learned much more about Findra from stories heard in the past few days than in my almost two years on SpinDizzy. Now it’s too late, and that made me think…

When I first came here, Argon had just died. Took me a while to see the impact he had made on our little world. Not long after, I found what is still one of my favorite places: Firelizard Island. It was a shock to learn that Aushae was dead too.

A few months later, I was penniless and ill, and for the first time in my life thinking seriously about death. Not suicide, mind you. Just… what if this time my luck had run out? What was I leaving behind? What was truly important to do now?

Everything turned out all right in the end. But during those terrible days, I was lucky to have a friendly shoulder to cry on. That shoulder, perhaps ironically, was Skully’s. She’s been away for a while now, and I can’t help but worry. At least we got to spend some time together.

I cried again at Findra’s memorial. Her friends had so many beautiful memories to share, while the most I can say is that she created my SpinDizzy account. That, and she praised my roleplaying once. It seems so trivial… but now it’s all I’ll ever have to remind me of her.

So long, Findra, and thanks for all the fish. Or was that your line?

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