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Survey Question: What are you going to do for National Horizontal Day on the 20th?

Editor’s note: The SpinDizzy News is proud to present the return of the survey feature, last seen in Argon’s @Action News.  If you would like to help conduct a survey or suggest another feature, contact BunnyHugger.

This week’s survey question was: What are you going to do for National Horizontal Day on the 20th?

Claude says, “I was thinking maybe a cruise on the Glimmersea would fit the theme, Leslie. I’ll take anyone who wants to come.”

PatchO’Black mews, “I’m not sure. I’ll probably change into one of my
four-pawed forms.” He doesn’t know which because “I like all of them.” He might get a new one “If someone suggests a good new one for me to try.”

Garrison says, “I guess be horizontal. Maybe be a Skunksnake? I might need a bit of help turning into one.”

Thurisaz rumbles, “I could come, could probrably fly in if I’m late.” He isn’t sure if he’d do anything if he missed it. “If anything, I’m going to lay flat and be lazy. be as flat as I can.” He figured later, “I’m going to be a dragonsnake, slitherslither. Or, I’m just gonna walk everywhere and laze flat wherver I go.”

Azure yips, “I’m going to prowl around as a spectre of fluffy terror on all four paws.” He doesn’t mean a ghost. “I won’t be a ghost. I’ll be a frightening, theriomorphic beast of spark and thunder, leaving lichtenberg figures in the ground wherever I step.” He said that’s “a fractal pattern of electric potential making its way through the puny resistive attempts of a dielectric. A lightning tree.”

Cyril says, “I’m probably gonna just lay around.”

Xor says, “I’m not sure, actually.”

Chaz blinked and said, “I’ve…never heard of that holiday, myself. However, generally, if you put me horizontal, I fall right asleep. Hehe.” He didn’t know how to celebrate because he’s new.

Zen taps his chin as he thinks. “Oh, that is a good question! I already walk on all fours so perhaps I’ll wear something that looks a bit more horizontal!” When told about Garrison’s skunksnake, “I imagine the color pattern of a skunk would look good on a snake! Will he still be all fluffy and furry?” After a moment, he thinks a bit more. “Perhaps I could find a way to make a striped out fit where the stripes are always horizontal somehow..”

Samnang strokes his wispy beard. “it really depends on my mood, though likely I’ll probably set somehting on fire, enjoy sitting in my hammock chair, and enjoy having the odd snooze from time to time.”

Kona hms “Stay in bed all day! That’s horizontal!”

Gilead chirps, “Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe develop an accretion disk and photon sphere, and trust an event horizon to form just beneath them?”

Tottle said, “I was thinking of giving the old ‘planking’ thing a try.” He’s never tried it before: “This’ll be my first planking.” “I haven’t even walked the plank before,” he said from both heads.

Dragoncat hums, and lays down!

Simon says, “I wasn’t even aware today was National Horizontal Day.” After he heard about what it’s like he said he usually runs around on all fours and does that count?

Nikon looked at eir snake body and figured ey’s already rather close to the ground.

fluffy says, “I’m just gonna be wearing these colors for Horizontal Day, ‘coz the stripes are horizontal.” fluffy was mostly white with black stripes in the front and purple hair.

Jukka earperks. “Well, it does take place on Taursday, so I’ll probably show off my deertaur pony form.” He also said “I’ll have to see if I can find the Quadruped Multiplexer, in case anyone wants to go four-legged on the fly.”

Borris said, “Stay in Bed All Day!”

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