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New Guest Bodies Appearing

The first new guest bodies in several years have begun appearing in newcomers trying out our floating city in space. The guest bodies, including such creatures as a kirin, a fox-robot, and a ghost squirrel, are designed to give newcomers some sense of the kind and diversity of characters welcomed on SpinDizzy, and to mark the guests as something more interesting than a mere confused ball of fluff. Some guests have taken up the challenge well, with one guest recently playing the ghost squirrel on several nights to general acclaim.

While the established old guest bodies all have some images drawn, none of the new ones have as yet. Illustrations of the new guests, or new ones of the old, would be welcomed by the wizards. Please contact Austin if you have one or more.

Additional guest bodies will still be accepted. A new guest body must have a description and a scent. It may be any kind of form which would make sense as a publicly playable character. The descriptions may be written for characters as male, female, or other, and can include having the guest’s gender be selected from among several options. New guest body descriptions may be sent to Austin, though they might not be added right away.

The old guest bodies are not being permanently removed; the wizards know people would not accept a loss of the Volleybunny.

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