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Storytime Breaks Out in the Graveyard

Early in the Graveyard of Dreams, a gathering of folks occurred and without warning, story time broke out! Pink bunny Pearl and cute coati Natasha each had a turn, entertaining friends in the dim light of dead dreams, lighting the ground, even if just for a little while.

(logs edited for content isolation)

Natasha’s Story

“One day they were out ransacking a banana tree when he decided he’d had enough of the same old stuff.  He knew that if he went just a little further out, he’d be able to find some *really* yummy stuff, mangos and papayas and pineapples and all sorts of goodies…”

Pearl’s Story

“The sisters told him it was a special jacket, that it would make him strong because they could no longer stay and protect him. Christopher was still young, he believed them, the jacket giving him confidence in a way…”

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