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First SpinDizzy Winter Olympics Held

The inaugural SpinDizzy Winter Olympics was held February 12th through 28th, with most of the events being held during three weekends.  Residents of SpinDizzy – some representing other worlds they reside in – competed in a total of nine events, including snow-angel making, figure skating, sledding, swimming, snowman building, snowball fighting, Boggle, freestyle skiing, and ice sailing.

The traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals were given out for first, second, and third place.  Competitors fourth place and beyond received copper medals to commemorate their participation.  Medals for each event were designed by Deputy Mayor Kefan.

Opening ceremonies were held February 12th in the Rose Garden.  Olympic Co-ordinator BunnyHugger unveiled the Olympic statue, which took the form of a ring of proud-looking doves with their wings spread, surrounding a large bowl that held the Olympic flame. “This is a world where a nominally competitive event like this can happen and be taken up enthusiastically, with goodwill, and in the right spirit,” she said, then added, “this ceremony probably marks one of the last official appearances of Beltrami as our Mayor.  I think I speak for all in expressing my appreciation of her service to SpinDizzy.”

BunnyHugger then asked Mayor Beltrami to take a torch and light the Olympic flame, which Beltrami did, though with some apparent difficulty at lifting a relatively heavy object.

The closing ceremonies were held in the Rose Garden on February 28th, again presided over by BunnyHugger, but this time with new Mayor Jaxen by her side.  “The Olympics came at a time of transition,” BunnyHugger said.  “Mayor Beltrami opened the events two weekends ago, in one of her last official acts as the first Mayor of SpinDizzy.  Our second Mayor, Jaxen, is here to close the event tonight.  The confluence of these two events — the Olympics and the election — is merely a coincidence, yet I think it can be seen as having a symbolic importance.  It shows that we are still a vital MUCK, continuing to grow and develop.  I am left with a sense of confidence that SpinDizzy will thrive for many years to come.”  She then exhorted listeners to keep up their enthusiasm for participation, and to consider running their own events.

BunnyHugger read out the list of medalists for all events.  Kefan had the highest medal count, outranking Team SED, to Morticon’s visible dismay.  BunnyHugger then read a list of judges and event hosts for acknowledgement, including Beltrami, Austin, Zeta, Kefan, Skully, Jaxen, Skyler, Morticon, Mavra, Natasha, Ray, and Sally, and presented those who were in attendance with certificates of appreciation.

BunnyHugger then turned over the ceremony to Mayor Jaxen to officially close the Olympics.  “These Olympic games have been a special occurrence here on our little world, and I’m proud we were able to host them,” he said.  “It shows the spirt, enthusiasm and love we have and share together this land, that we were able to hold these great games here.”

The ceremony ended with enthusiastic applause, and was followed by a post-Olympics party. During the festivities, BunnyHugger shared her ideas for future events, including a World’s Fair and a Winter Carnival.

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