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SpinDizzy Winter Olympics Celebrates Friendship, Love, Community

SpinDizzy’s second Winter Olympics, held this year with the theme of “Friendship, Love, Community,” opened the 14th of February with a stirring celebration in the muck’s Olympic Stadium.

The centerpiece of the ceremony was the unfolding of a set of five interlocked valentine hearts, four of which opened into rose-red rings. Austin, coati, dressed as Cupid, ancient Roman god of desire, and lowered by wires, then shot an arrow into the fifth, which finished opening into a ring as fireworks burst out and marked the beginning of a week and a half of competition and pageantry.

Representatives from all of the teams then marched on stage, representing, among others: Team Birds and Dinosaurs, Team Dragon, Team Hoof, Team Incisors, Team Mustelid, Team Otherwise Other, the Procyonid Team, and Team YIP!. This may represent a record number of teams competing in a muck Olympic event.

The final leg of the Torch Relay was done by Chitter, grey squirrel, who carried it in a cart which he wheeled behind him. The torch was taken up by Mayor Jukka, the Sitka deer, who touched the Cauldron and set it to life. BunnyHugger, devilbunny, then announced, “May the joy of games bring us closer together! I declare the 2014 Olympics open!”

The muck Olympics, organized by BunnyHugger, have been held in the winter in 2010 and 2014, and in the summer in 2012. They have included a series of athletic events, parlor games, artistic exhibitions, and performances. No medalled competitions were held on Valentine’s Day.

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