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SpinDizzy Gets New Mayor on Hugging Day

A small crowd has gathered at the City Hall on February 9, also known as Hugging Day, to witness the new mayor and vice-mayor of SpinDizzy be officially installed in their functions.

Around the stage gathered Elandra (wallaby), Tash-Ki’ira (packer), Azure Kandra (fox-like creatures), Harmony (rabbit), fluffy (critter) the two skunkettes Sondra and Kona, Garrison (skunk), Samnang (hound) and Sable, followed later by Featherwing (eevee), Strain-113 (many rats), Elissa (vixen), Ruby and Valleyminks. Jaxen (fox) was master of ceremony.

After a brief speech, the Mayor’s new hat and cachet were revealed and offered to Jukka in the applause of the crowd, but not before he took an oath to “do [his] best to fulfill the duties, obligations, and aspirations of the community.” Despite some worries, the gaudy top hat meshed well with Jukka’s antlers. Then Jaxen introduced the new office of vice-mayor and handed Morticon the corresponding ceremonial hat, which turned out to be a propeller beanie. Immediately after, Morticon was also presented with his first official task, which is apparently to do some laundering (of dirty clothes, mind you). The ceremony concluded with Jukka giving a brief speech, which we transcribe below:

Thank you all for your support, and thank you to all of my competitors for making this a fun mayoral race. With your help, we’ll make the next year in SpinDizzy a great one. Thank you.

After some amount of friendly banter, mainly involving soap and washing machines, the crowd dispersed.

(Jaxen’s log is available for those who could not attend.)

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