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SED News: Squad Completes Forestry Training

Tash-Ki’ira’s (packer) forestry squad have completed their final test and passed. Composed of four Seyae (winged foxes) and four Arya (tigers), the squad was also accompanied by Tolmer (Ciaera) and Tavi (fae) for the test. Because Tolmer played a major role in the success of the group, it also marked the first successful integration of the Talwar Ciaera and the SED forces. Dropped off in the woods with nothing more than a knife and their fur for seven days, the nine soldiers and fae were able to make shelter; keep a fire pit burning; forage and hunt for food; survey their assigned area; make clothing out of pelts; demarcate their campsite area; befriend a wolf; create crude tools and weapons out of wood, leather, and bog iron; and partially complete assembly of a longhouse.

At the end of their test, which they passed with flying colors (and stripes), the soldiers brought home momentos such as their clothes and tools. The leftover food was also taken home for trade. Anything not taken was dismantled and spread throughout the forest, or burned.

Morticon said of the troops being tested, “I am pleasantly surprised and proud of what they accomplished. It’s not easy surviving in the woods; keeping a team organized and effective is even more challenging.” Tash-Ki’ira went on to say, “I don’t know of any group during my tenure in my homeland’s service [that] did better than this squad. I have seen groups come out with more trade goods, I have seen groups come out with more members, and I have seen groups thrive in the wild better. But no group pulled off all three as well as this one without becoming nearly epic heroes, to have their deeds sung and exagerated into legends. To have the first group of SED-trained foresters do so well not only inspires future trainees, but shows what prime material the soldiers are to start with.”

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