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Karaoke Night Brings Music, Performances

A Boxing Day celebration in the fabulous Starlight Ballroom at Edgeworld Park brought out performers to sing along to a variety of mostly Christmas songs. Music, cookies, dancing, and drinks were on offer. (The log can be seen here: Boxing Day Karaoke Party.)

Squawk, kiwi, inaugurated the night with an instrumental performance of a Christmas carol. Austin, coati, followed with the “Christmastime Is Here” of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and devilbunny BunnyHugger performed The Kinks’ “Father Christmas”. Rats Skiv and Guendoline performed a duet of “Naughty Baby”, and balloon dragoness Beltrami performed the instrumental “My Little Drum”, also from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Robin, feline non-subversive agent, performed “Pleeeeze, daddy, don’t get drunk this Christmas”, and Skiv followed up with a song “Juggle Bills” from the Tales From The Crypt Cryptkeeper’s album of holiday songs.

Austin followed with the Rankin/Bass Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer ballad “A Couple Of Misfits”, but failed to make it a duet. He then warned of the forthcoming mayoral campaign season with Walt Kelly’s “Go Go Pogo” and Royce’s swiped hat. Dragoncat, silver dragon, performed “On This Night”, and BunnyHugger’s second song of the night was “REsolve”, from A Big Yes And A Small No, a song she feels puts her in mind of the New Year.

The open bar might be blamed for certain strong words exchanged between Skiv and the squirrel Chitter, but similarly strong words were exchanged between Skiv and Beltrami, so consider causes carefully.

Useful for karaoke performances — or any other performance in which one must recite a string of statements or execute poses in order — is karaoke.muf, composed by BunnyHugger. Anyone may form their own karaoke — for themselves or for their rooms — by creating an @action named karaoke (for example, @action karaoke=me or @action karaoke=here) and linking it to the program: @link karaoke=$karaoke.muf. Then karaoke #help for instructions, or ask BunnyHugger or another wizard to help set up a reusable performance.

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