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Patashu Wins Gold in 2019 Air Race!

The Spindizzy Air Show opened with the meteor-ship Bolide, the famous NBC Blimp, and dizzying drone formations by Kyizl of St Marin. Meanwhile, three entrants were preparing for the main event, the VTOL Air Race – a projected racetrack in the sky of twists, turns, and landings.

The air race spun to a a smashing conclusion with Patashu’s high-tech super tilt-rotor Azimuth squeezing out the competition. The Society of Elite Defenders’ customized Hammer vehicle, flown by pilot India, earned its name with a tooth-rattling 2nd, while the St Marin entry Hyouka competed strongly but overshot the finish.

Congratulations to our Mayor and great thanks to all competitors, exhibits, presentations, and spectators who made the 2019 Airshow a real hoot.

Special thanks to Bardell and the Mudville Fire Department for their close support (via the FB. Co. Tinken Toe fire craft) in defusing a dangerous situation.

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