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Olympic Wrestling Slams Gold on Kiris

Last night’s Olympic Wrestling Event saw lots of action in the ring! Guest2, Emerald, Niny’ah, Aina 58, Dragoncat, and Kiris all participated. In the end, Kiris got gold, Niny’ah got silver, and Aina 58 got bronze for honorable mention.

The night started off with Guest2 vs Emerald. It was an entertaining match, with Guest2 being a giant pink elephant. The guest won on points, the judges feeling eventually the much smaller Emerald would have been thrown out of the ring.

The next fight was Niny’ah vs Aina 58. The match was done with a mix of professional wrestling and old school fighting. Chairs flew, garbage cans got mysteriously dented, and staffs were swung. In the end, Niny’ah won on points.

The third fight saw Dragoncat vs Kiris. This was a pretty frightening match, with Kiris seeming to be unstoppable with lots of strength for their size and a high threshold for pain. Kiris won on points, leaving Dragoncat with a minor tail injury.

Niny’ah vs Guest2 was next, the last one before the final match. This one was pretty surreal, with Guest2 splitting up into three elephants and attacking Niny’ah from all sides! In the end, Niny’ah proved her worth, and won by points.

The final match was Niny’ah vs Kiris. This one was pretty intense, ending with Kiris swinging Niny’ah in a circle until she passed out. That move won Kiris the match and the gold.

With a mix of styles, opponents, and creativity, fun was had by spectators and competitors alike!

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