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Olympic Aerobatics Results

Last night Olympic Aerobatics (aerial gymnastics as performed by those who can fly) was held in front of a huge crowd with many exciting displays of prowess in the air.

The participants and winners were Sally (Gold), Joshua (Silver), Phoex (Bronze), Featherwing, Kimori, Guest1, Cirrus, Jaxen, and Kern. Morticon and Harmony (Jakie judged, briefly) were the judges.

Every competitor put on an amazing show, and the judges often had difficulty deciding on scores. There was everything from a living jet engine (Cirrus) that made ice-water from the cold atmosphere high above to a realistic portrayal of a non-morphic golden eagle performing aerial feats (Sally).

Other highlights (in no particular order) include Joshua’s Portal-inspired routine, Kern’s hilarious but not very aerobatic show, Jaxen’s acrobatics on a hot air balloon, and the flashy displays of Kimori, Featherwing, and Phoex. Even a guest participated as a water gull, raining on the spectators during her display.

By the end, the number in the stadium soared to 33 (including puppets) and almost as many were online as were at the opening ceremonies. Good fun was had by all, making this an event that is likely to occur next time!

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