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New Mayor Jaxen Looks to the Future

[ Jax E. Neurocyon, fox – commonly known as Jaxen – granted an interview with SD News.  We asked him about his hopes, plans, and concerns. ]

Were you confident you would be elected, or did the results take you by surprise?

I wasn’t at all confident, but I thought I had a fair chance.  I was taken back a little when the final results came in; more people had voted for me than I thought would.

What has been the most difficult adjustment to make, in transitioning from an ordinary citizen to the mayor?

I think the most difficult adjustment has been getting used to people’s change in expectations of me and their change in perceptions of me.  I’m viewed as a political official now, and I’m still adjusting to people treating me as such.

Your big current project is the establishment of SpinDizzy University.  What benefits do you think the university will bring to the average citizen?

When completed, the average citizen can benefit from having the opportunity to learn new skills in an appropriate environment.  One could learn new or better building techniques or learn how to plan out public events.  If there’s interest, classes could be started in things such as poetry writing, dancing, horticulture, or more depending on what people want.  I think overall it will provide a new avenue of activities people could to pursue here and enjoy together, if they want.

What other projects or plans are you considering for the future?

The university is taking a good deal of my focus currently, so I have nothing too specific planned at current that I’m willing to go into details on now.  I do have one special project in the works, but the results of that will be a surprise to be unveiled on a holiday.  I am looking into future events to hold as well as activities for upcoming holidays.  For example, I’d like to hold another dance and some more games in the future, as well as some more silly and/or social activities.

What do you think will be your administration’s greatest challenge?

You ask some challenging questions.  I’m not entirely sure, as it’s not something I’ve thought about.  At first guess, I think it may be overcoming people’s uncertainty of me.  I get the feeling some don’t know what to make of me, or they don’t have a feel of how I will handle things.  I do represent the first change-over in civil administration we’ve had here, so in a way, I’m something new to everyone.

How will you be determining the schedule for future elections?

I will be consulting voters on this issue.  I’m not going to set any schedule the majority of voters appear uncontent with.  My predecessor, the honorable former Mayor Beltrami, served for slightly over two years, and my initial guess is that people would not like every, say, January, being an election month.  So I’m looking at the next election being exactly two years from this last one.  It seems like a reasonable time frame.  Again, I will consult the voters to see if this is what they’d want.

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