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Garrison Is, Has, at Ball

[ Garrison, skunk, spent much of Shiny Day and the week thereafter as a pinball. We caught him in the Rose Garden to ask about the experience. Also present were Terry, pangolin; Dingo, dingo; and Mavra, centaur. ]

Garrison was a metal ball at the time and didn’t have a very good vantage point.

Well, that’s something, though, Garrison. How did you have your ball?

Garrison says, “Is my ball really something that should be talked about in a family newspaper? … I think for most of it I was in Beltrami’s hands.”

Ah, it was one of Beltrami’s schemes?

Garrison says, “Ayup”

Was it comfortable?

Garrison hmmms, “Well….it was not uncomfortable.”

Did you risk dizziness? How did magnets feel?

Garrison says, “I had to learn to roll around. Magnets made me sing folk tunes.”

Well, that’s just crazy. A pinball would have to be crazy to want to be a folk singer.

Terry puffs, “Yeah, folk singing and pinball dings and beeps don’t go together well at all.”

Garrison says, “What about Peter, Pinball, and Mary?”

So while you were a pinball, Garrison, were you menaced by any rogue pin boys?

Garrison says, “Nope…just Roofus.”

Roofus_roo? What was she up to? Oh, wait, she wasn’t trying to use you as crystal ball, was she?

Terry puffs, “I’ve been used as a croquet ball. Not a pinball though.”

[ Garrison did not answer, possibly missing the question in Rose Garden chatter. The lack of an answer was missed in Rose Garden chatter. ]

So, Garrison, do you think you’ll go pinballing again, given the chance?

Garrison mmms, “I think I’ll leave the balling to Mischa.”

Don’t care for being an object, Garrison, or was it just the pinball that left room for more action?

Garrison says, “Well it was kinda lonely. If Dingo had also been a pinball, or maybe a pinball machine….then I’d consider it.”

That’s sweet, Garrison, and weird. Dingo, think you might be up for that?

Dingo yips, “If Garrison were a pinball, I’d…. er better not say anything. Hehe…”

Garrison chuckles.

Dingo winks at Garrison. It was about balls and holes.

Strangest Match Game blank in years.

Anything you’d recommend about being a pinball, Garrison? Something we shouldn’t miss if it happens to us?

Garrison says, “Make sure Beltrami gives you a way to communicate, and go easy on the metal polish. Its addictive.”

And see about having a table ready, then?

Dingo blushes. Dingo pats Garrison’s side. She looks up at him endearingly.

How’d you get out of pinball and into skunktaur form, by the way, Garrison?

Mavra says, “He was inspired, Austin.”

Garrison says, “Beltrami tapped me with her wand and I just kind of exploded. Startled her, she fell backwards in a slow balloon sort of way.”

Powerful wand, that. You don’t think of her as encouraging explosions.

Mavra says, “Hmm… I best get going then with a wand like that lying around.”

Garrison says, “Beltrami’s gone to sleep, Mavra.”

Mavra waves and heads for home.

[ With the Garden conversation’s shift the interview concluded. ]

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