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Expanding Horizons at the Edge of the World

Expanding Horizons day was, per Mayor Jukka’s pronouncement, observed with a daylong gathering at a location on the edge of the world. In N10 W4 events were held in which people attempted to show off novel sides of themselves. Notably, Bleu the otter arranged to have over a hundred other otters perform a complicated and involved dance around the edge of the world. Harmony the rabbit allegedly took charge of the Society of Evil Doers from Morticon the wallaby, though it is not clear that this has lasted past the events of the night; Harmony was also the subject of a magic act that had her pulled out through a hat, despite the risk of cliche.

It is trusted that more events than this happened over the course of the night but reports of that have not been shared with the newspaper yet.

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  1. Harmony

    August 5, 2014 @ 9:59 pm

    Bit of a correction to the par-tic-u-lar state of events, Austin! That wasn’t me, per se; t’was one of those evil mirror-universe sorts of folks, who put me out of the way for a bit while she ran amok and played tin soldiers with Morticon’s harem. I gave her a what for and a tally-ho and sent her packing, through my hat and back where she belonged, and Morticon’s armada is very much his own again, and welcome to it.

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