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E-Holiday Reportedly Observed With Parade

The anticipated parade for E-Holiday was reportedly held as scheduled on December 8th in the Aetherial Tundra, N11 E0. Unfortunately no actual witnesses to or participants in the parade have expressed an interest in describing the events but some events can be pieced together from persistent inquiry of those in attendance.

Jaxen reported riding on Mote, presently a dragon, in the parade, while tossing out frozen treats such as ice cream or popsicles. Jaxen continued tossing them out after the end of the parade proper.

Kandra performed magic, “illusions and so forth, mostly,” which she described as “a bit like a wandering fireworks display, only not fireworks.” She demonstrated by casting an illusion of weightlessness.

Jaxen reported the parade was lead by Jukka, as mayor, sitting in a sedan chair owned by Niny’ah. The mayor reportedly threw candy out.

Garrison, after being pressed, offered this description of the parade: “It started with a marching band of caribou. Borris followed, playing his bagpipes. Some antilopes frolicked. The mayor came in, carried by four goats. A rifle demonstration. Niny’ah kept changing into various hooven beings. Featherwing did his aura thing. Kandra used illusions to change the onlookers into black deer. Jaxen rode Mote the dragon down the way. And a fox with a bushy mustache followed the parade, pushing a broom in Bullwinkle-ian manner.”

Jukka had proclaimed the particular theme for this E-holiday to be hooved beings. Jukka’s ungulatron, which turns people temporarily into creatures with fewer separate toes, has been left available in the Rose Garden since the parade.

The Aethereal Tundra itself is a room owned by “J.P.Morgan,” indicating the place was constructed by a character now gone from SpinDizzy, but was preserved because of its artistic or cultural value. It is available for people who would like to take ownership and perhaps redevelop it into an active hangout.

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