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August 2013 Idle Purge Coming Soon

It’s time for a fresh idle purge, I’m afraid. The folks listed below, and their belongings, will be wiped clean off the muck if they don’t connect or indicate a desire to connect by Saturday, August 17. If you know any of them, please tell them of the idle-purge. Also, if you know of any who are not able to make it onto the muck for some reason, please contact me with news of this.

If you do spot any of these folks connecting, please let them know we’d like to have them back on the muck, and help them to feel part of the community again. Thank you.

Abel Aisha Amber Axel Bluebell Blueberry
Caroline Catprog Chile Cobalt Commwolf Daean
Darla Darwin Dipstick Eli Emerald Ezekiel
Flossi Geo George61 Gina_Doberman Goddess_Violet Ifyara
Indy Istanbul Jayce Jessica Jiffy Jing
Karial Lady_Gwendolyn Leaps Lillith MsDee Noctaina
Numunuu Nyquil One Orolin Paprika Patricia
Pooka Rheah Rin Riptide Rowan Ryu
Sapora Shadecerule Shizuka Skolf Solin Strawberries
StunkyGirlSnivy Tait Than Timesheart Verrant Wish_Bear
Xilats-Dert ZwarteVacht

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