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2013 SpinDizzy World’s Fair Opens Friday

The third SpinDizzy World’s Fair opens Friday at 7 pm at Edgeworld Park, S4 E10. For the first time ever, the Fair has an announced theme, “Expo ’13: Fifteen Years of Progress,” reflecting the 15th anniversary of SpinDizzy coming up on Founder’s Day, September 28. The Fair’s organizers are billing it as “a celebration of our glorious modern age, featuring exhibitions of the finest art, invention, and culture that SpinDizzy has to offer.”

The Fair will commence as in past years with a talent pageant, with the twist that the Fair Monarch will instead be styled as the Spirit of Progress, and the royal court will represent the Muses of Inspiration. Progress and the Muses, in addition to general ceremonial duties, will preside over a Parade of Progress to take place during the second weekend of the Fair.

Saturday, August 24 will see a spectacular opening ceremony followed by a lavish ball. Other promised highlights of the Fair include the opening of a time capsule sealed in 2010 at the first World’s Fair, new cultural pavilions including “New Town: the City of Tomorrow,” and a new ride at the Edgeworld Park midway.

Artists, innovators, and producers (farmers and bakers) are invited to enter their ideas and wares in exhibitions on the fairgrounds and should talk to BunnyHugger. Those wishing to build cultural or educational pavilions may speak to BunnyHugger or Sally. A literary magazine is to serve as a “virtual exhibition of the written word” and will be published this weekend in conjunction with the opening of the Fair. Contributions may be poetry or prose (5,000 words or less) and must be submitted to bunnyhugger@bunnyhugger.us by Wednesday.

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