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World Apparently Saved From ‘Toon Aliens

An incomplete report submitted to this reporter follows up the capturing and shrinking of SpinDizzy by apparently ‘toon aliens several months ago. While a full report has yet to be submitted, the cat known as Christopher has this to say:

We were quite successful. We gained control of the cartoon’s energy device and turned it on from the inside, using it to project SpinDizzy outward, before someone came back for us.

Christopher added that it was “Quite exhilarating really exploring the innards of an alien artifact and having to learn to operate it from its own perspective, as it were.”

It is hoped that persons who witnessed or participated in the rescue of the world from this fate will provide a fuller report about what exactly happened and how.

Some of the cartoons who boarded SpinDizzy during the abduction have still been seen in locations such as the Rock Dove B&B. Their intentions and purpose are as yet unknown.

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