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Vulpnine Industries – SpinDizzy Branch Reopens

After a long absence, long time resident and mecha builder, Alicia Vulpnine, returned to SpinDizzy and recently announced the reconstruction of the SpinDizzy Mecha Factory.

Alicia, a nine-tailed kitsune, was known to most of the older residents as a roboticist, shipbuilder, and explorer, having named Spengo, the SpinDizzy moon, upon her local exploration of the system. It was a period of time after this that a branch office of Vulpnine Industries was built and production of mecha from the smallest of minature doll units to the large battle types were being created from this facility.

Sometime, in her absence, the first factory was destroyed by an unknown cause and left like that for a long while. Upon her return, construction work started on a new factory and has now been reopened to the public and producing mecha once again.

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