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SpinDizzy Writers’ Guild Opens

The first meeting of the newly minted SpinDizzy Writers’ Guild took place on Monday, December 26, 2011 at Solomon’s Books Coffee Bar (luge s4 e8, st, b, c). Despite being announced on short notice and set at a less than ideal hour, attendance was high and feedback, positive.

The meeting was opened by Ali (fox), Claude (LOLcat), J.P. (squirrel), Jukka (deer), Kantuck (doe), Natasha (cartoon coati), Nigel (hyena), PatchO’Black (in his reindeer form) and Squawk (kiwi bird). They were joined for the second half of the proceedings by Pete (skunk), Flossi (bunny), Featherwing (eevee), Kefan (centaur), Azure (blue fox) BunnyHugger and Chitter (devilbunny and squirrel, respectively), Sally (golden eagle) and towards the end Andreas (single-tailed kitsune), JasonRDT (wolf-dragon kitsune), Xor (boolean) and Tarka (otter).

Activities consisted of discussing the nature of fiction and the various members’ experience with writing. Then Kantuck, Ali and Kefan each read parts of their respective works in progress, and advice was exchanged. Organizational issues were also brought up.

For better future coordination, a bulletin board has been set up at the aforementioned location. We also have two experimental websites, one started by Featherwing and the other by Claude with Enkeli’s help (who graciously offered her support despite not being a member of our Guild). Which of them will remain in the long term will be decided by the feedback of the members, and needs that remain to be discovered, but the latter website now hosts a log of the meeting.

By general agreement, the next meeting has been scheduled two weeks after the first, on Sunday, January 8, at 10AM server time. Anyone is welcome.

Claude, guild organizer, wishes to extend special thanks to Kantuck for her early and strong moral support.

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  1. Claude


    December 30, 2011 @ 12:04 am

    P.S. Maybe I should have specified that Featherwing, too, was an early and enthusiastic supporter.

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