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SpinDizzy Moved; Residents Celebrate

In the wake of the tragic loss of Findra, who owned and maintained the server on which SpinDizzy resided, the MUCK has been moved to a commercial VPS. According to Morticon, the remaining wizards agreed on this solution because although it will cost more than hosting the server in someone’s house, it will allow all wizards to handle problems and reboots no matter where they are. He added, “All networking issues we’ve experienced in the past should go away, as well, and we should see even faster speeds.”

The move was accomplished Wednesday morning apparently without incident.  The address continues to be muck.spindizzy.org 7072 (SSL 7073). The Web site has not yet been moved, but is still up and running on the old server.

To celebrate the server move, Austin declared Wednesday “Moving Day.” In accordance with the theme, the park of the day was moved intermittently throughout the day. Austin arrived at the park with his tail held high in the coati fashion and a bindle fastened to the end.

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