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Sky Spectacular Highlight of Olympic Opening Ceremony

After a week-long torch relay that included torch-bearing appearances by Suri, lemur; Rocket, pegasus pony; Valleyminks, mink; Gilead, otter; Featherwing, dragon; and Harmony, rabbit, the SpinDizzy 2012 Summer Games formally commenced with an Opening Ceremony on Friday in the new Olympic Stadium. An air show, dubbed the Sky Spectacular, was the highlight of the event, which concluded with the lighting of the cauldron by SpinDizzy mayor Enkeli, ocelot.

BunnyHugger, devilbunny Olympic organizer, recognized the efforts of Sally, golden eagle, in constructing the Olympic Stadium. The team captains and athletes proceeded into the stadium under their respective banners. BunnyHugger then introduced the Sky Spectacular, organized by NBC, peacock, in honor of the 2012 Olympic motto, “Aspire to the Sky.”

The Spectacular began with clouds of fog obscuring the sky over the stadium, and ominous music playing. After a moment NBC emerged from the fog and caused it to seemingly magically disperse by flapping his wings. The music changed to triumphant as he landed near the cauldron, gesturing for the Sky Spectacular participants to begin demonstrating aerial maneuvers.

First came those who flew under their own power. Featherwing came in trailing glowing aura spheres forming the LunaStar emblem, which subsequently turned to a shower of sparks over the audience. Next Sora, winged fox, swooped down, firing colorful flares and releasing oxygen-reactive powder that caused bursts of gray fire. Cirrus, Latios, then entered, looking like a hybrid between a jet and a bird. He flew over the audience in a blur of light, performing elaborate maneuvers and leaving dramatic contrails, before vanishing rapidly toward the horizon.

As spectacular as the displays of the individual flyers were, the entrance of the vehicles took things up another notch. The Dark Trove, piloted by Alan, aerial master Heartless, descended from the sky, casting a shadow over NBC who continued to stand in the center of the stadium, looking up proudly at the displays. Two smaller aircraft, the Corvus VK48 “Zermarfshe” and the TAF800 “Barracuda,” piloted by Aerilyn and Kenex, were then launched from the Dark Trove, just as BunnyHugger took the microphone to excitedly announce that a new connection record (51, which later increased to 54 before the event concluded) had been reached during the event. The Zermarfshe and Barracuda flew in close formation, even touching wingtips at one point, and fired rounds dramatically, but harmlessly, over the crowd.  The two craft eventually returned to the Dark Trove before it departed back to a high altitude.

Next was the SDS Flying Fish, piloted by Claude, LOLcat. As the Flying Fish descended, it unfurled bright red and orange paper streamers which trailed from its fins, suggesting flames. The papers then broke away, fluttering down over the excited crowd. It then gave a farewell siren blast and trailed colorful smoke as it flew up and over the stadium.

The last aircraft of the show was the FBC Tinken Toe, piloted by Kinsor, fruit bat. The craft, emblazoned with a Fruitbat & Company insignia, was accompanied by two smaller fruitbat craft, and together they flew in formation. After some maneuvers, the ships opened up and fruit bats began flying out of the craft and performed loops and other aerial acrobatics. Lights on the bats’ feet created the names of notable SpinDizzy landmarks in the sky such as “ROSE GARDEN,” “SPENGO,” and “GLIMMERSEA,” at last ending with “SPINDIZZY OLYMPICS 2012.”

After the Sky Spectacular, BunnyHugger announced that the final torchbearer, whose identity had been kept secret, would be entering the Stadium to pass the torch to Mayor Enkeli. A spotlight fell on the entrance to the stadium and into it ran Guest1, fox, wearing a Star Trek V shirt. After jogging past the crowd festively, he turned the torch over to Mayor Enkeli, who lit the cauldron. As the flames roared to life, the Sky Spectacular participants returned for a final flyover over the Stadium in a dramatic conclusion to the Opening Ceremony.

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