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Ship Arrives under Self-Imposed Quarantine

The previously-reported-on ship, now identified as the Blue Nova, has arrived over SpinDizzy today. At some point during its trip, two of its crew members have reportedly gotten sick. As a precaution, the ship’s Captain, T. Branick, has placed the Blue Nova under quarantine until further notice. A scheduled event at the airport the same day, that was to have introduced a few of the ship’s crew, was postponed at the last minute as a result.

Captain James Drucan, aka Jim, was on hand to explain what happened. “I was only told the other day, that two of the crew members were possibly sick. We were waiting to see how things panned out over the next day or so. I didn’t hear about the quarantine till I was helping coordinate the positioning of the Blue Nova over Spindizzy. Afterwards, Captain Branick and myself, along with a few others, had a longer than expected meeting over the radio on what to do next. It is still too early the send the ship back, seeing as the jump-drive needs quite a bit of time to recharge before it can be used again. For safety reasons, we decided to leave the Blue Nova in position. Hopefully, the quarantine only be for a week or less. Usually it is just something minor.”

The Blue Nova is one of several dozen Supernova-classed spaceships that are operated by JSSEC. They are primarily used as large transports for cargo, smaller non-jump capable ships, and personnel. Alternatively, they are used as a temporary space station and survey platform. The Blue Nova is identified as a white-painted, roughly 120 foot diameter spherical shape. It has a flattened aft section to which six engine pods are mounted.

JSSEC has requested that all other ships maintain a 2km buffer zone all around the Blue Nova while it is in position over SpinDizzy during the course of the quarantine.

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