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SED News: Thurisaz’s Mountain To Be Repaired, Opened To Public

While checking for stolen materials inside a mountain inhabited by Thurisaz (dragon), SED soldiers, headed up by Sora (dragon-fox hybrid), determined a large part of the mountain was actually dedicated to being a very long range communications array. The communications system is able to communicate far across the cosmos and also provides a detailed map of ships, stars, and other entities in space, making it a good resource in addition to the SpinDizzy Control Center’s navigation deck.

Unfortunately, the communications array broke soon after testing it, as the inside of the mountain that Thurisaz inhabits had fallen into a state of disrepair due to years of neglect. Sora has been assigned to lead up the repair task, which includes fixing all the mechanical components of the antennas, replacing all bad wiring, and fixing any damaged electrical and electronic components.

Once the repairs are complete, the communications part of the mountain will be open to the public for use. Possible uses include stargazing well beyond what can be seen with the unaided eye, communicating with home planets, and discovering who else is out there. Sora added, “I look forward to completing this task and learning more about our universe.” Others assisting in the task include Faraday (android PDA) and Tzann (dragon). Please contact Sora for more information.

Thurisaz’s mountain, also known as The Rising Spine, is located at S6 W1.

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