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Royce, Dingo Converge on Convention, Re-emerge

Royce, raccoon, and Dingo, dingo, spent much of this past weekend at Anthrocon, which was long ago a convention held in Albany, New York, and left the Capital District for widespread popularity instead, with a brief detour to Philadelphia until the hotel was destroyed, not by the convention.  Royce said of the con, “It was awesome”, while Dingo offered, “It was all right. :)”.

Royce said, “Well, while big and awesome and crazy, it was also somehow more relaxed than usual.  Everything went very smoothly this year, there were very few problems.  I think this has taken on the status of being my favourite convention.  Even all weekend, the dealers room didn’t seem cramped, since there was so much space to move around.”

Dingo said, “It was a great convention, I ran into a lot of my friends and made new ones too. I even saw Royce a couple of times, but he isn’t very talkative.”  She agreed, “It did seem a bit laid back for an Anthrocon,” but that she saw few people from SpinDizzy.  Royce also thought he only saw Dingo from SpinDizzy present; Luaie, snowy egret, suggested he might if he were reminded next year.

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