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Revived Art Ambush Kicks Off with Repurposed Leftovers

The newly-revived Art Ambush kicked off on Monday, November 26, with a theme appropriate to the aftermath of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday: repurposing leftover food into a non-edible use. Participants gathered at the Bristles and Pixels studio were given thirty minutes to create a work of art (visual or literary) according to this theme.

Chanspot, coffee fossa; Austin, coati; Sally, velociraptor; Crow, metahuman; fluffy, critter; and Mavra, centaur, all tried their hands (or paws or mitts) at the theme. The most popular way to repurpose food was to use mashed potatoes as spackle, since both Mavra and fluffy arrived at this idea.

The Art Ambush is an old SpinDizzy event that had fallen by the wayside in recent years. Garrison, skunk, is responsible for its revival and hosted Monday’s event. Claude (LOLcat) and Sally provided technical assistance. The current plan is to hold the event weekly. Spectators and participants alike agreed that the event was fun, and Sally said, “It’s gone off well, and I’m glad to see it return.”

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