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Rare “Tiger Bunny” Seen in Rose Garden

Recently there have been several sightings of a Nesolagus (sometimes called a “tiger bunny”) in the Rose Garden.  This rabbit, named Twitchers, is the only known example of this normally rare and secretive genus to be found on SpinDizzy.  It is not yet known whether he is an example of Nesolagus netscheri, the Sumatran striped rabbit, or Nesolagus timminsi, the Annamite striped rabbit.

Twitchers’s most distinctive feature is his orange-and-black striped coat, unusual for a rabbit, at least one sporting its natural coloration.  He also wears a pin reading “Bunny Cult,” although the meaning of this has yet to be determined.  He has not yet made any overt attempts to form a new religious movement on SpinDizzy.

Nesolagus rabbit

A Nesolagus rabbit.

During a recent Rose Garden appearance, Twitchers discussed his impressions of SpinDizzy.  “I used to SL,” he said, referring to the dimension known as Second Life which has cost SpinDizzy many casualties.  “So far this place has been a lot more true to the cute and cuddly I’d expect from furs.  In SL, seemed like that was long lost.”

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, replied, “I like the idea that we’re gaining people from Second Life instead of losing people to it for a change.”  She added, “So Twitchers, how’ve you been finding our world so far?”

Chitter, squirrel, interjected, “He went to FurToonia and turned left,” which earned a face-paw from BunnyHugger but a snicker from Austin, coati.

Twitchers said, “Good.  It reminds me vaguely of FurryMUCK and. . . most won’t remember EpicMUD, but that was a thing back in college.  Most importantly seems to have some tightknit friends; feels homey that way.  So yeah, I’m liking this place, BunnyHugger.”

He added that his visits made him think of the “Cute Overload” song, “’cause you all are so ‘kyoote,’ methinks.”

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