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Raccoon Community Fails to Rise to Fatty Coon Bait

Following the wassailing of the trees in the Winter Wonderland on Twelfth Night, two chapters of  The Tale of Fatty Coon were MiSTed on Twelfth Night.  The novel, a children’s book somehow by Arthur Scott Bailey, is a 1915 children’s novel about the extremely fat, extremely hungry Fatty Coon who roams around being extremely unpleasant and greedy without learning anything.

Most of the community which had witnessed the wassailing came to the MiSTing.  The first three chapters of the book had been previously MiSTed and laid out the basic rules of Fatty Coon’s habit of eating everything everywhere.  The first chapter MiSTed this time explained that Fatty Coon quite liked squirrels, as lunch, and detailed how he would terrorize and devour cub squirrels.  This drew among other things grunts of disapproval from the squirrel community here.

Fatty Coon’s attempts to eat baby squirrels lead to a moderate comeuppance as he accidentally grabbed the tail of a tramp raccoon and got yelled at for it, but all agreed, this wasn’t nearly enough payback.

In the next chapter Fatty Coon’s efforts to go fishing see him almost caught by Farmer Green, but the raccoon escapes.  Although briefly frightened by his ordeals, Fatty Coon draws no lessons about how to behave.

While everyone had comments about Fatty Coon and the world in which he lives, no raccoons were present for the MiSTing and Royce particularly professed no particular interest in this story.  Also, everyone was feeling very uneasy about the heavy use of the word “coon.”

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