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PatchO’Black Crowned Fair King

The Fair Monarch pageant, traditional opening of the SpinDizzy World’s Fair, took place Friday night at a stage set up outside Edgeworld Park (S4 E10). Entrants took turns giving a short display of talent as well as answering the question “What do you think is the best thing about SpinDizzy?” The competition ended with PatchO’Black, jellicle cat, last year’s Fair Prince Consort, being crowned Fair King and choosing Melki, cow-girl, as Fair Queen.

Melki went first, demonstrating her sharpshooting talent by making trick shots through the centers of several playing cards, amazing the audience. Responding to the interview question asked by BunnyHugger, devilbunny, she said, “Well, I reckon the best thing about SpinDizzy, is the marvelous events, like this one!” Chitter, squirrel, was heard to remark, “Flattery. Good approach.”

Fluffy, critter, went next, wearing an elegant silk kimono.  It demonstrated its talent at making music by squeaking its hand-paws together. In this manner, it squeaked out Debussy’s “Claire de Lune.”  Its answer to the interview question was short and to the point: “Creativity.”

Next up was Sora, winged fox, who set up a machine and then took to the sky.  She used a sniper rifle to fire at sparkling spheres shot out from the machine, hitting all but one of about fifteen. In response to BunnyHugger’s question, she said, “The best thing about SpinDizzy is the sky, ma’am.  It’s big and wide and has much to look at below.  Some people I like are in the sky, too.” This answer was apparently well-liked by NBC, peacock, who responded by chiming repeatedly, crowing, and spreading his train.

PatchO’Black was initially uncertain that he would be eligible to enter due to having been selected as Queen Ali’s Prince Consort at last year’s Fair. BunnyHugger assured him that he could enter, so he gave a demonstration of his musical magic, “charming” a plant into growing from a pot with his flute. The plant grew into a tree that sprouted gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins.  PatchO’Black stated that the best thing about SpinDizzy is “that the people here care about SpinDizzy, and about each other. That’s what makes this place really special.”

Featherwing, shapeshifting dragon, took the stage next, and caused his amulet to take on a bright purple glow. He then caused four ice statues representing various creatures to appear, sitting around a magical campfire. The creatures then stood and danced as a spectral moon appeared and went through its phases. His response to the question was, “I think the best thing about SpinDizzy is the carefree atmosphere that allows critters and creatures alike to be who they really are. It’s that that makes SpinDizzy the best place to be. I’m glad I chose this place to come to.”

Jimun, bat, fluttered onto the stage next, and said that for his talent display he would turn into a bunny. Instead, apparently by accident, he turned into a red panda, then slipped the black rings off his tail and juggled them. He then formed them into the outline of a bat briefly, before they collapsed back into rings and he returned them to his tail. “I think my favorite thing about SpinDizzy is all the wonderful, friendly, and helpful people here. It certainly makes the place a delightful experience,” he said.

The last entrant of the night was Beltrami, balloon dragon, who performed a magic show assisted by Roofus_roo, fairy ‘roo, and Garrison, balloon butterfly, making them disappear and then putting them in boxes that she pushed needles through. Her response to the question was to squeeze Roofus_roo and Garrison’s ankles, then pat her own chest and squeeze her own ankles, and then point to Austin. She them spread her hands out wide. Ali, fox, interpreted this to mean “family” and Beltrami confirmed the correctness of this interpretation.

At the end of the pageant, BunnyHugger and Azure, fox, who were serving as the pageant’s judges, conferred. BunnyHugger then took the stage to reveal that the judges would be awarding the Monarchy to PatchO’Black. Ali took the newly-remade Edgeworld Crown and used it to crown the new king, who in turn chose Melki to be his Queen, citing her shared appreciation for sweets.

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