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Olympic Fencing Ends in Amethyst Gold

Aina 81, Amethyst, Cirrus, Featherwing, and JasonRDT took part in Olympic fencing yesterday evening. Consisting of several fast paced, exciting matches, it ended with Amethyst getting gold, Cirrus silver, and Aina 81 with bronze (as an honorable mention). Austin and BunnyHugger served as judges, as many of the matches ended with a judge decision needed.

The first match was JasonRDT vs Amethyst. For the most part, JasonRDT played defense, allowing Amethyst to win on points.

The second match was Featherwing vs Cirrus. The two characters talked a fair amount during their match while swinging at each other with multiple slashes in rapid succession. Featherwing matched Cirrus in speed, giving the spectators a fast-paced spectacle full of movement across the arena grounds. In the end, Cirrus won on points.

The third match was between Aina 81 and Amethyst. Aina started by being very aggressive, but by the end of the match Amethyst had her on the defensive and unable to attack. Amethyst was clearly the more practiced swordsfox, besting Aina with a touch.

The final match was between Cirrus and Amethyst. Truly amazing, the two showed what a swordfight could really be like when amped up. Rolling, jumping, precise slashes and thrusts, coupled with dramatic flair kept the spectator’s rapt attention. In the end, Amethyst won with a judge confirmed touch, making her the gold medal winner.

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