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New Town, Rose Garden to Be Linked by Monorail

A contract to develop a transportation link between the Rose Garden and New Town (S4 W7) has been awarded to the Rose Garden & New Town Transportation Company, represented by BunnyHugger, devilbunny. In today’s statement on the Rose Garden Bulletin Board, New Town’s master planner, Beltrami, balloon creature, announced that “the plan includes an elevated monorail as primary people-mover as well as space for stations, shops, and retailers.”

According to Beltrami, the contract includes upkeep as well as possible future expansion.  No specific date has been announced for groundbreaking on the project.

“The primary goal of the project is to encourage traffic toward New Town and to allow a more sensible way of getting to and from places than we currently have,” BunnyHugger said.

In response to a question about whether the monorail would reach Edgeworld Park, BunnyHugger responded, “I think it will eventually.  But the first thing that is going to happen is a link between Rose Garden and New Town; that’s what the contract is for.  As for the future, we do hope to expand as demand dictates and local authorities allow.”

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