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Mysterious Wilhelmina Sighted

Special contributor Suri the Lemur

Those who toured the Lemur Pavilion during the recent World’s Fair may recall the Cretumbra, wherein were displayed Statues of famous Lemurs and other Mammals. One of the Lemurs so honoured was Mysterious Wilhelmina the Lemur. Wilhelmina’s mysteriousness, while while the vehicle of her Fame, also made it impossible to portray her with a Statue. She was just too mysterious.

Today, Fox News has revealed that Mysterious Wilhelmina is, in fact, a Sifaka Lemur, one of the Round Round Lemurs. Analysts are divided on the significance of the News. While the NYSE posted its largest Rally in two and a half years, finishing up 7%, Astronomers at Ohio State University warn that a Star within our Galaxy may soon explode.

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