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MPI Class Concludes, Exam to Follow

Professor Joshua Farstrike’s MPI class concluded this Sunday at the SpinDizzy Center of Arts and Science. The audience was comprised of Niny’ah (seirmerine), Xor (boolean), Garrison (skunk), BunnyHugger (reformed devilbunny), Austin (coati), Beltrami (balloon critter) and Claude (LOLcat), with Kona (coffee skunk) joining later.

After a bit of banter, the lesson started with Beltrami and BunnyHugger presenting their homework, which elicited applause from the rest of the class. For and while loops were taught next, along with truth values, which in turn led to a history lesson. The next point was MPI macros and functions, then some limits were discussed, as well as differences between MUCK codebases. Last but not least, at BunnyHugger’s suggestion, an exam was scheduled for next Sunday.

Claude’s log is available as usual.

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