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Mayoral Ballot Unveiled

In a press release given directly to the new SpinDizzy NBC affiliate WSDN, and read by news anchor Mahwah Newjersey, red panda, the Elections Department announced that Garrison, skunk; Gilead, otter; Kefan, centaur; Royce, raccoon; Sally, golden eagle; and Vivek, vampire bat, have qualified for the ballot. All candidates have been certified by the Elections Department as having received a minimum of two nominations and having formally accepted the nomination.

The option to have no mayor for 2013 will also appear on the ballot, having received at least two nominations. The Department has stated that this option, if chosen, would not prevent a 2014 election from occurring, only vacate the position for a year.

The Elections Department now permits campaigning by all candidates and their supporters, ending with an election by instant runoff ballot on January 20. A debate between the candidates is scheduled for January 15 at 7pm server time, and will be moderated by Mina, tiger.

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