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Inspection Team Investigates Large Metal Deposit

A team of independent inspectors descended the large hole that exists south of the city Saturday, and spent several hours underground in search of its mysteries.

Led by cartoon coati Natasha, a team consisting of Claude the adventuring cat, Azure the blue fox, a local Riftsbat observer, and Zeta emerged from the cave several hours later.

While the goals of the inspection were primarily exploration and study, the team reported encountering unusual metal structures which grew at a moment’s thought, tunnels with shifting gravity, and a brief initiated contact with a business worm with a poor grasp of polite economic policy.

It is still possible that some of the missing explorers who had to “go off” during the inspection will turn up later this week with further news of their own.

Among the finds recovered by the exploration crew was a sample of Dwarven writing, hinting at a possible connection between them and the mine’s general construction style. Further underground exploration is at this time discouraged until proper safety signs and handrails can be installed on the open pit areas and ceilings checked for loose rock.

If you’re a dwarven ear, nose, and throat specialist or locksmith: “Mora thu haizen?” Please respond via letters to Box 12.

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