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Improbably Orderly Weather Baffles Meteorologists

“Given some of the more outlandish weather SpinDizzy has known,” opines a local meteorologist, “you wouldn’t think a gentle rain shower would cause so much uproar.”  But in less than a day, the rain shower has sent a stir through the meteorological, climatological, and artificial intelligence communities throughout our world.  Starting early this morning, a gentle rain began falling in the eastern half of the world and only the eastern half.  “The line of demarcation was impossibly sharp and straight.  Worse, every measure of rainfall we took throughout the area was the same.”

Normally, some slight variations would be expected from one location to another within a storm.  But researcher after researcher found that no matter how fine their measurements, the exact same number of raindrops fell in any given square inch per second.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” added a cyberneticist. “It’s not the kind of thing to make you think the weather control machinery is breaking down.  It would be almost impossible to do this well on purpose, let alone by accident.”


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