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Holiday Definitions

Deputy Mayor Azure was kind enough to put together a list of the current holidays and their traditional purpose/definition. I thought this may be something good to share with the general population, as I believe there is a lot of people who don’t know the purpose or tradition behind some of these days.

Iceberg Day, 2nd Wednesday of January

The purpose of this holiday is to focus on winter games and frolicking in the snow.  While not directly unpopular, it rarely sees much attention and is often overlooked in favor of the Winter Olympics or Winter Carnival which happens around the same time.  It may be worth considering removing this holiday in favor of choosing an official weekend that the Winter Olympics / Carnival starts each year.

Hugging Day, February 9th

According to our research, the second least popular holiday (second to Love Day which is of course currently on the vote for replacement).  The tradition appears to be to complain about Valentine’s Day and/or this Valentines-Day-ish pre-Valentines Day holiday.  It’s supposed to be a celebration of hugging and how much we enjoy it; but it seems to be an unpopular redundancy with an unpopular RL holiday.

Morality Day, Fourth Monday of February

A day to encourage people to think about morality.  It is one of the most popular holidays, as it consistently has a well-attended, well-organized event.  This is, of course, the key to a popular holiday.

Shiny Day, March 17th

A celebration of shininess, typically celebrated with a ball or dance of some sort.  People usually decorate themselves with shiny things.  A moderately popular holiday that usually does get observed, but could probably use a more solid event around it.

Love Day, April 10th

According to our research, the least popular holiday on the list.  The traditional way to celebrate Love Day is to complain about Love Day.  This holiday may or may not survive based on the current vote; if kept, we will try to make a more popular event around it.  If removed, we will try to find a better replacement for the April Holiday.

Day of Remembrance, May 30th

A day to reflect on folks who have departed.  It’s a reasonably popular holiday with, traditionally, no particular event.

Festival of Cuteness, Third Tuesday in June

This is a popular holiday that usually has a gathering event associated with it.  The event varies from year to year somewhat, but typically features prizes for cutest morphs.  Events that have happened in the past include things like parades, dancing, karaoke, and various “cuteness competitions”.

Expanding Horizons Day, July 14th

This holiday celebrates the storming of the Bastille, and also a day to try new experiences and views.  While not directly unpopular, it has received little “love” in terms of events.  This year, we will try to cook something up for this day to see if it can be made more successful.

Jellicle Ball, August 1st

Patch O’Black hosts a party for this event every year and it’s fairly well attended.

Mecha Day, Third Sunday in August

A day to showcase and celebrate robots, presumably big ones.  While not directly unpopular, it’s another holiday that has seen very little “love”.  However, this sounds like a job for a robot-obsessed ocelot to tackle!

Founder’s Day, September 28th

A day to celebrate the folks who want before us and made the world what it is.  In practice, it seems to consist of hanging out in Charter Park talking.  A mildly popular holiday without a strong event backing it at the moment.

Groovy Day, Second Monday in October

A celebration of sixties and seventies culture, particularly musical culture.  Lots of kitcsh.  Another holiday that nobody particularly dislikes but at the same time it doesn’t seem to have a strong event backing it.  We will likely hold a disco-dance for this year’s Groovy Day.

National Horizontal Day, Third Thursday of November

A rather confusingly named holiday, this is actually a day for people to try out being quadrupedal, or to do things related to being quadrupedal.  Last year, there was a limbo that was quite popular, however participation in the core theme of the holiday was somewhat low.  Probably because perhaps others, like myself, had no idea what this holiday was for until reading this article!  I would propose potentially re-naming this holiday (National Quadrupedal Day or something), but otherwise keep it.

E-Holiday, December 8th

“Everything” Holiday.  The ultimate non-exclusive holiday.  It seems to go largely ignored, however; because purposefully making an all-inclusive “everything” theme is a little too broad.  I would recommend we replace or alter this holiday to be more targeted; maybe make a Chrismukaza day or something instead, or just make it a celebration of the past year of some format.


And there you have it; the Official SpinDizzy Holidays (as of today anyway).  Hopefully this clarifies things a bit and will help us all figure out what we would like to move forward with and what we’d rather get rid of or change.

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  1. BunnyHugger


    March 14, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

    I’d like to put in a word for Hugging Day. In past years, Austin has often brought out the multiplexers for it, so we’ve celebrated it by adding extra limbs (or extra whole bodies, if you’re, uh, lucky enough) to hug with better. It’s something I normally don’t do — I’m not much for transforming — so it’s a rare opportunity to see me being exotic!

  2. BunnyHugger


    March 14, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

    Also (sorry, lots of opinions here), the first Founder’s Day was celebrated very well, with fireworks made by Morticon and some reflections on the MUCK’s birthday. I was very sorry to see it neglected the last couple of years.

    Day of Remembrance has generally been celebrated with a gathering at the Plaza and people taking turns talking about the lost folks, sharing anecdotes and so on. I think that’s fine and all it needs to be.

  3. Austin

    March 15, 2012 @ 9:25 pm

    I’d like to point out first that the E-Holiday is the logical-operator ‘everything’, that is, it is a day for celebrating what, and how, one wants. Most recently, of course, Beltrami organized a most popular and successful parade which showed off people, some in new balloon forms created for the event. It’s difficult to see why a day with popular support like that should be considered for replacement.

  4. Austin

    March 15, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

    I’d also like to note that while in some circles complaining about Love Day might be a choice activity, in mine, talking about the things I love to the people I love was my preferred way of celebrating.

  5. BunnyHugger


    March 15, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

    The E-Holiday parade organized by Beltrami was one of the most lively and best-attended events we’ve had. I enjoyed it considerably and would like it to return next year.

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