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Happenings at the Idylwild Woods

Salutations! Rielle Monette, your friendly local balloon otter here, with an exciting report! I met with two members of the SED (That’s the Society of Elite Defenders) on Monday, March 27th to get the full story on a forest fire that broke out just the day before.

According to the duo, they were called in to check out a fire in the Idylwild Woods (Edge is around S8 W2) due to reports of wisps of smoke. It was noted by India, a Seya and a Hammer pilot, that the fire was “growing when [they] flew over and raging by the time [they] landed.” According to the other witness, an Arya that was a member of India’s crew, two coyotes were seen fleeing from the scene of the inferno, one of them being badly burned. In addition, three others were reported to be at the scene: Tavi (local Faerie, also a SED member), Maynard (local Tanuki), and Lepus (local Corporate Entity) had arrived, and volunteered. India and Tavi took to chasing after the fleeing coyotes, while Maynard, Lepus, and the Arya set about trying to combat the blaze, which turned out to be anything but average! According to the Arya: “There was a strange wind that kept the fire intense in certain areas. It was totally unnatural, sort of a whirlwind or something.  As the fire receded, we found trees and stuff turned to a hot white ash, which is a little strange.  Then, we noticed two glowing eyes inside the fire!”

Lepus, assisted by Maynard, then managed to discover that there was indeed someone inside the raging fire, seemingly in direct control of it. When eventually coaxed to come out, the perpetrator was revealed to be a non-morphic Kitsune named Blaine, who was apparently being hunted by the fleeing coyotes. The fire, which receded quickly once Blaine emerged from the forest, was a direct retaliation to a potshot taken at him by one of these hunters. According to India, the two turned themselves in without resistance and are currently receiving medical treatment for their injuries.

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