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Ground Broken for New Olympic Stadium

Ground was broken for the new Olympic Stadium on June 10 in Olympic Park (S1 E10) in front of a celebratory crowd. Sally, golden eagle, has been in charge of the site selection and design of the new stadium, which is intended to serve as a permanent home for the SpinDizzy Olympics. If construction proceeds according to schedule, it will see its first use during the 2012 Summer Olympics beginning on July 27.

Sally, perched on top of a gold shovel, welcomed the crowd and announced that the groundbreaking would be televised by NBC. NBC, peacock, was perched on top of a television camera, apparently operating it by means of a wire connected to the collar that he always wears. Sally indicated a potted plant next to the shovel and said, “Since we wanted a more or less permanent Olympic facility, the decision was taken to go with a stadium bush rather than a constructed stadium. The stadium which results is self-renewing, attractive, and cheap.”

Due to her avian form, Sally was unable to dig the hole for the stadium bush herself, and asked for a volunteer. BunnyHugger, devilbunny, stepped up and dug out a small plug with the shovel, then laid it aside and dug the rest of the hole with her claws. She then asked for help putting the bush in the hole, and Chandra, Leptailaurian, came forward to assist her. The two of them pushed the shrub into the hole to applause from the crowd.

Mayor Enkeli, ocelot, then gave a short speech. “I’d like to thank you all for coming out today, and to thank BunnyHugger for once again organizing the Olympics, and also Sally for helping out too,” she said. “The Olympics on SpinDizzy is one of those things that tends to bring folks together in a really fun way; it’s a great occasion for us all to get together and to also try and attract some visitors from other places as well.”

After the Mayor’s speech, BunnyHugger made a brief announcement: “I just wanted to remind everyone that this year we’re going to try to bring in a greater team play element. So far we have a dragons, lagomorphs, and birds-and-saurians team, and anyone else who wants to captain a team for any sort of affinity — species, planet-of-origin, other-MUCK, or any other theme you can think of — should feel free to post on the Board and start signing people up.”

After the ceremony, two more teams quickly made their existence known on the Bulletin Board: Team Boolea, with Xor, Boolean, as its sole member; and Team Extremely Ill Advised, captained by Azure, fox. BunnyHugger also announced that the lagomorph team would be changing its name to Team Incisors and also admitting rodents.

(A groundbreaking log has been provided by Sally.)

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