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Garrison Declares ‘Helping Day’; NBC Named Most Helpful

Self-styled “Mayor-in-Exile” Garrison Skunk (runner-up to “No Mayor” in the 2013 election) declared February 1 to be “Helping Day” in a post to the Rose Garden Bulletin Board. “Feb 1st is my player’s birthday,” Garrison wrote, “and I’d like to celebrate by proposing a holiday of helping our fellow SpinDizzians.”

Garrison encouraged those who helped another in any way, large or small, on the holiday to report the incident to him. The person who helped most frequently would receive the ability to choose the day’s currency for three days.

Just after midnight on February 2, Garrison announced that the prize would go to NBC, peacock, who reported five helpful incidents. The runner up was BunnyHugger, devilbunny, with three incidents. NBC chose his first currency for February 3, “Deagan dinner chimes.”

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