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Groovy II: The Tie-Dye Strikes Back

October 27, 2012 @ 2:00 am – 5:00 am
Starlight Ballroom (S4 E10, mg, n, n, n, se, sb)

One of the foremost scholars of our world has presented me with indisputable proof that the word “groovy” appeared in the nineteen-sixties rather than the nineteen-seventies. As such, it is my solemn duty to redress the terrible slight that I have perpetrated upon this innocent decade of gentle hippies.

Therefore, I ask you all to attend Groovy II: The Tie-Dye Strikes Back in the Starlight Ballroom on Friday the twenty-sixth of October in the year two-thousand and twelve of the common era. Festivities begin at nineteen o’clock Spindizzy Standard Time (twenty-two o’clock Eastern). Refreshments will be served. Orange may be worn. Please do not use a Ouija board to summon the undead spectre of Timothy Leary.

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