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Elections Announced for Mayor of SpinDizzy

Rules for the 2014 mayoral elections were announced by Kefan, centaur, in a post on the Rose Garden bulletin board early this morning. The position has been unoccupied since January 2013, when an instant runoff election resulted in “no mayor” winning the election. This option vacated the position for one year.

The nomination period starts at midnight on Wednesday morning, January 22, and runs through Friday, January 24. A candidate must receive at least two nominations to be eligible. The campaign period will run from Monday, January 27, until Sunday, February 2, and then voting by instant runoff will take place Monday, February 3, and Tuesday, February 4. Complete rules and more information may be found on the Rose Garden bulletin board.

Regarding the tone of the election, election co-ordinator Kefan had this to say: “I would like to have a nice, friendly, and fun campaign.  We’re not electing a pope and this isn’t the Kremlin during the Cold War, we’re just having some fun among ourselves.”

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