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Edgeworld Crown Still Missing

The Edgeworld Crown, used to crown the Monarch of the upcoming SpinDizzy World’s Fair, is still missing.  BunnyHugger, Fair Organizer, has not made a formal statement on how this will affect the opening of the Fair, although she has been visibly distraught since the Crown was found to be missing.

When it was pointed out that the Pageant last year ended with Ali being given a ceremonial sash, not a crown, BunnyHugger replied, “Yes, this year was to be the crown’s debut.  I realized at the event last year that a crown would have been nice to have in addition to the sash, so afterward I had one made.”  According to BunnyHugger, the crown was kept in Edgeworld Park, though she declined to state the exact location.  “I don’t know why someone would steal it,” she said.  “It’s not real gold and the gems are artificial.”

“I’m not superstitious, but I thought of it as sort of a good luck charm for Edgeworld… I hoped it would be an enduring symbol of the Fair in years to come,” said BunnyHugger.  She encouraged anyone with leads to contact her as soon as possible.

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