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Edgeworld Crown Repaired, Returned to Service

The Edgeworld Crown, used to crown the Fair Monarch, was repaired by a group of SpinDizzian crafters prior to the Pageant on August 26. The Crown was severely damaged in the process of recovering it from a shadowy group called the Crossroads Carnival.

Each of the volunteer crafters took turns adding something to the Crown to bring it back to its full splendor. Ali, fox, the 2010 SpinDizzy Fair Queen, was given the honor of starting the work. She bent the crown back into shape and then further repaired it by wrapping it with a wire of orichalcum, the strange red metal that lies at the heart of SpinDizzy.

Melki, cow-girl, added an unusual yet somehow fitting touch to the crown by attaching a pair of steer horns to either side. Fluffy, critter, added a polished stone, cut from the mountain on which fluffy’s lab resides, to the end of each horn.

Featherwing, dragon, added a crescent moon shaped shard of his amulet, a memento of his clan. PatchO’Black used magic to suspend a glowing blue gem over the top of the crown, similar to the crystal that floats at the top of his tower. Findra, cetan, continued the theme of using ornaments of personal or local significance,  adding shiny shells from Dolphinholm’s beach. Xor’s contribution was perhaps the most personal of all: the Boolean WUT plucked some pieces out of his own malleable body to form his symbol, two ones crossed over a zero.

Roofus_roo, fairy kangaroo, was on hand to lend some fairy magic to the crown.  She made it taller and added stained-glass butterfly wings to its design. Azure, fox, added technological “magic” in the form of a small piece of tape that keeps a microscopic written record of the Crown’s own history.

The final order of business was adding a few things to the inside of the crown. Austin, coati, glued a glittery paper crescent moon to the inside.  Finally, BunnyHugger, devilbunny, inscribed “2011” with her claw and attached a small plate giving credit to those who contributed to the Crown’s refurbishment.

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