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Crossroads Carnival Steals Time Capsule, Threatens World Identity

The closing of the 2013 Time Capsule at the end of this year’s Founder’s Day was disrupted by the Crossroads Carnival or persons presenting themselves as such. Through apparently supernatural the capsule disappeared from the paws of BunnyHugger, capsule and World’s Fair 2013 organizer, just as the capsule was to be placed in storage in the Charter Park, with a ransom note set in its place.

The time capsule, spiritual successor to that from 2010 which was opened during the SpinDizzy World’s Fair, contained — and as best as can be known, still contains — items representing matters of import to much of the community. The ransom note states that unless adventurers attend their “main event” the capsule will be destroyed, and all the memories of the things represented in the capsule would be destroyed along with it. In a show of power the thief or thieves temporarily wiped BunnyHugger’s memories of the capsule itself as well as memories associated with the items she placed in it. She has since recovered her memories as best as is known.  It is not clear whether the memories lost would be those of the items’ owners only, or those of everyone on SpinDizzy.

Unknown persons have since posted advertising flyers and ransom notes with the forms of a sea lioness believed to be Tritonia, a raccoon believed to be Erik, and an unidentified woolly mammoth and rabbit with the date of Sunday, October 6. The Carnival has in the past attempted to take over or subvert the World’s Fair by magical means and was defeated in an attempt two years ago to destroy the Fair Crown. Though the perpetrators of this theft claim to be the Carnival it must be noted that they were not seen to directly do it, as Columbo has been absent since April this year.

Among the time capsule artifacts threatened by the Carnival are:

  • A black ribbon reading “Mayor” deposited by BunnyHugger
  • A handwoven fur bracelet deposited by Niny’ah
  • An Elections Department Ribbon: *SpinDizzy Elections 3 – Integrity
    – Service* deposited by Jaxen
  • A squirrel plushie deposited by J.P.
  • A rocket fizz bottle cap deposited by Kiris
  • A piece of lutefisk deposited by Gilead
  • A data chip deposited by Carl
  • A Cute Karaoke Contest Video Recorder deposited by Jaxen
  • The Mayoral T-shirts Vending Machine deposited by Beltrami
  • A Coon Proof Cookie Capsule deposited by Jaxen
  • A thank-you note deposited by Xor
  • A moon rock deposited by Austin
  • A Mighty brand action figure deposited by Kiris
  • A magic ring deposited by Leslie
  • Nekocat’s favorite mouse toy
  • A model of the WSDN Tower deposited by NBC
  • A statue, Goldwork: Preservation of Memory, deposited by Carl
  • A Skunky Society flyer deposited by Sondra
  • A model sailboat deposited by Royce
  • The program lib-puppetdb.muf deposited by Morticon
  • A sample can and information sheet deposited by Kinsor
  • Memories of Findra, deposited by Sally
  • A burnt index card deposited by fluffy
  • The Automole starter deposited by Dragoncat
  • An Expo ’13 Souvenir deposited by BunnyHugger
  • A skeletal snail shell deposited by Valleyminks
  • A paper hat of +10 awesome and another memento deposited by Samnang
  • A napkin from the Allegheny’s Bistro deposited by Westly

The existential threat this poses is awesome as many of the items encompass wide-reaching memories and few would doubt the world would be radically damaged by, for example, the loss of all recollection of Findra. Individuals also face threats to their very existence, such as NBC, threatened with the loss of transmitting ability, or Carl, whose data chip contains all the robot’s memories. The mayoral office and the World’s Fair are also repeatedly threatened with destruction by this peril.

If the ransom note and event notice is to be taken at face value then there should be the chance for adventurers to rescue SpinDizzy and a complex network of its inhabitants’ memories on the evening of Sunday, October 6 at 7 pm muck time (Pacific).

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    Good thing I was away and couldn’t drop in my No Mayor Badge!

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